Cryptocurrency Market Screener

Put your trading strategy on auto-pilot.

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Your Custom Market Dashboard

See in real-time how the market matches against your trading strategy.

  1. Each arrow indicates one of your trading strategy condition is met.
  2. You select what arrow (direction and color) to show for each of your conditions.
  3. The screener when check against all exchanges and markets and all timeframes. cryptocurrency market screener dashboard cryptocurrency market screener Telegram alerts

Receive Alerts when the market moves your way

You can configure alerts to be sent to you via Telegram, alert results can be made public and shared with others.

Custom T.A. indicators over 5 timeframes

Get the value of any T.A. indicator (RSI, MACD, PIVOT, ADX, DX, etc) over any number of candle for 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h and 1d timeframes.